Kung sasabihan mo man ako ng PANGET!
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Excuse me, di naman ako SALAMIN! Duh. 

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pisngetot asdfghjkhemI need MIRROR!!!!! :DD
Hello derr, I'm Kimberly Ann Bacarrisas Tapulgo. I have many namesake so, you may call me 'KHEM', I'm xx years of age. I was born on July 10, 199x.

* I can be your shoulder when you need someone.
* I can be your sister.
* I can be your TEACHER when it comes to LOVE. :)
* I can be your friend or maybe your best Enemy.
* I can be your Idol. =))

I maybe panget outside, but I'm beautiful inside.
I can dance and sing.
Fortunately I;m single but my heart is already TAKEN. :PP (Kilig)

I have lots of friends, you may be one of them. <3


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